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  • Isgus Perfect 2040
  • Isgus Perfect 2040

Isgus Perfect 2040

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Product Description

Isgus 2040 Advanced Calculating Recorder


The Isgus Perfect Perfect 2040 is an easy to use Calculating Time Recorder with a large display to provide simple programming.  It allows up to 104 IN/OUT punches per time card which means it can handle virtually any type of pay period.  A 6 digit barcode makes each time card unique, and eliminates time card duplications.  The data security is guaranteed by means of an integrated lithium battery.  The Isgus Perfect 2040 can be delivered through the desktop or the wall mounted versions.


Standard Hardware Features

  • Up to 250 employee capacity

  • Stand-alone time clock - No PC required!

  • 1,000,000 unique time card numbers ELIMINATING duplicate card problems

  • Calculates hours daily and weekly according to company pay policies

  • Performs daily and weekly overtime calculation

  • Accommodates multiple break deductions

  • Rounds punches according to your rules

  • Rounds minutes on the punch or the entire pay period

  • Highlights in red employee late arrivals or early exit

  • Does not accept duplicate punches/timecards

  • Restricts employees during lock-out zones

  • Reports on employee forgotten punches

  • Adjusts automatically for daylight savings time with employee total time adjustment

  • Prints year, month, date, and time on every line

  • Minimum break deduction regardless of punch pattern

  • Automatic paid break management with minimum worked time qualification

  • Real time totals rounding

  • Standard two color ribbon

  • Signal control with individual durations

  • Large bright digital time display

  • Standard lithium battery backup of all programmed data and punch records

  • Password protected

  • Time card reports

  • Calculates 2 levels of overtime

  • Full operational battery back-up

  • External relay board for bell signals

  • Master Clock output board

  • Slave clock input board

Important Features

  • The 2 x 16 character alpha numeric and back-lit display offers an easy to read user's guide.

  • A 6 digit barcode makes each time card unique.  To create a new time account, simply insert a new time card

  • Independently operating and easy to use Calculating Time Recorder

  • Real time quartz clock or master clock connection

Technical Specifications

  • Printer: Dot Matrix

  • Voltage: 115 VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Display:  16 character alpha numeric

  • Temperature:  -10 to 45 degrees C

  • Humidity:  10-90 percent, not condensing

  • Dimensions:  Width 8.7 x Height 11.0 x Depth 7.7 in.

  • Weight:  6.6 lbs


Our Time Clock Solutions include easy to use time clocks and top of the line time attendance software.

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You can reach us at (800) 846-3256

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.

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