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Legion Time & Attendance for Staffing


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Time & Attendance for Staffing



Let the cloud track your workforce. Every punch captured. Instantly.


All your activity. All your clients. All your employees.


Your Enterprise

Add employees. Once.

Legion lets you quickly add all your employees to the cloud so you can easily assign them to your clients. Get the right staff to the right client every time.

Add clients. Indefinitely.

There’s no limit to the number of clients you can add to your Legion account. The more you add, the more you can view effortlessly in the cloud.

Track clocks. Everywhere.

Track every Legion time clock at every client location. Move clocks easily among clients. Never lose any. Let the cloud make business simpler.

Grow business. Faster.

Legion automates all the manual hours you’re spending on employee time and attendance management. Everything works faster and smarter.


Your Clients

Request workers. Anywhere.

If a client needs one worker to visit several locations in the same day, Legion tracks all time and attendance in one place. Everything’s easy to view.

Check activity. Anytime.

Clients can access all time and attendance activity for all workers at all job locations in real time 24/7 from any internet connected device. No surprises.

Display clocks. Readily.

The sleek Legion tablet is a welcome addition in any client’s facility. No more outdated, ugly devices your clients want to hide. Legion is cool.

Verify hours. Easily.

Legion lets clients easily confirm all hours worked in a given pay period. No second guessing.

Your Work Force

Register fingerprints. Once.

Register your employee fingerprints once, and Legion can apply them to any time clock at any location. No need to duplicate work.

Capture punches. Instantly.

Employees punch in and out with Legion using fingerprint, RFID card, or PIN. All punches are captured instantly in the cloud. Start, break, lunch, finish.

Engage clocks. Conveniently.

Employees view vacation, holiday, overtime, ACA, and sick hours on the Legion time clock, as well as job locations, assignments, updates, and other communications.

Get paid. On time.

Legion enables the easy export of employee hours to almost any payroll system. Secure, on time, every time.

Add your clients.

$99 per client per month for 1-19 clients.

$89 per client per month for 20-49 clients.

$84 per client per month for 50+ clients.