Acroprint Model BP125-R6 Battery Powered Time Clock

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Acroprint Model BP125-R6 Battery Powered Time Clock - Discontinued Product-still render Tech service


Take control of your labor costs today with the Acroprint BP125 Battery Powered Time Clock.  The BP125 time clock investment will pay for itself quickly because tracking employee time and attendance saves your business time and money.  An employee that takes a few extra minutes of company for his or her own personal use affects your bottom line.  Those minutes add up over time and before you know it a couple of dollars compound into hundreds of dollars.



  • Eliminates the uncertainties of handwritten records – Provides legible records of hours worked

  • Reduce tardiness, long breaks and early departures

  • Increase production and provide the correct cost of a finished product/operation

  • Eliminates disputes regarding pay

  • Conforms to state and federal wage and hour laws by providing permanent, accurate and indisputable records of employee’s arrival and departing times


  • Time cards easily to align, accepts standard time cards, PM hours underlined

  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse ensures long ribbon use and easy replacement

  • Clock is directly geared to type wheels so time on face matches the time stamped

  • Rugged ABS Construction is rust and corrosion-proof

  • Manual advance month wheel

  • Desk or wall-mount recorders are easy to install

  • One-year manufacturer warranty



Model 125 Battery Powered – This portable recorder accurately records time anywhere and operates when AC power is not available or during power interruptions…perfect for remote locations or mobile operations.




Battery Powered Options


• Completely portable

• Ideal where AC power is not available

• Easily moved from location to location

• Normal battery life is approximately 6 months

• Uses four standard alkaline “D” cells

• Batteries not included


• Best suited where power interruptions are frequent

• Eliminates the need of having to reset the clock several times each day

• Can operate for several days on batteries

• Normal battery life approximately five to six years

• Uses four standard rechargeable “D” cells

• Batters are included

• Voltage125VAC/60Hz


• Perfect for mobile operation

• Uses power from a car or truck battery





Optional Accessories


Time cards
1,000 per box


Register Product


Ribbon replacement
(red and purple)


Extended Warranty


Time Card metal rack
(25 pockets)


Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement


Metal Key


Service/Repair Required
(RMA form)


Operational manual (included)










Mechanical Clock Warranty



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Warranty Information
2 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.