Amano HP4000 Biometric Time Clock

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Discontinued, we Render Technician Service only- Amano HandPunch 4000 Biometric Time Clock

HandPunch terminals at a glance

  • Accountable — Reliable biometric technology eliminates costly buddy-punching. Employees must be present to clock in!
  • Efficient — With no more paper time cards, clerical errors in payroll preparation are reduced or eliminated.
  • Economical — There's no more need to continually purchase or maintain stocks of badges, time cards, ribbons or other supplies.



  • Eliminates buddy punching and time fraud
  • Eliminates the expense and hassles of badges and card-based systems
  • Complete flexibility through 10 data management keys
  • Reduces payroll costs
  • Reduces supervisor punching
  • Ensures employees’ data are secure
  • Installs quickly and is easy to use


  • Verifies employees’ identities in less than a second
  • Stores up to 530 identities (expandable)
  • Allows for the collection of in and out punches
  • Easily integrates into existing network infrastructures
  • Connects quickly to the time and attendance PC
  • Ten user-definable data management keys
  • Multiple terminals can be networked together at a site via RS-485 wiring
  • Edit-at-the-clock functions
  • Password-protected
  • Bell schedules / door control
  • Green and red status light for each punch
  • Platen also comes standard with a printed hand outline to ensure accurate hand placement while punching


  • Verification time – Less than 1 second
  • User capacity – 530 users expandable to 3,498
  • Transaction storage – 7680 transactions
  • Memory retention – Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
  • ID number length – 1 to 10 digits from keypad or card
  • Template size – 9 bytes
  • Communications – RS-485 (4 and 2 wire), RS-232 Serial Printer Support
  • Power supply – 12 to 24 VDC OR 12 to 24VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption – 7 watts
  • Ambient Temperature – 32°F – 113°F (0°C - 45°C)
  • Humidity Temperature – 5% - 85% (no condensation)
  • Dimensions 11.65”H x 8.85 W x 8.55”D (176 H mm x 158 W mm x 153 D mm)
  • Weight –6 lbs. (2.7kg)

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