Icon Time Management Plus Upgrade - RTC1000/SB100 PRO

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Icon Time Management Plus Upgrade - RTC1000/SB100 Pro


With the Management Plus upgrade, multiple managers can access the time clock with their own unique user name and password. For additional security, you can assign specific permission levels for each manager. This will allow each manager to view and edit only the data specified.  As an added benefit, the Management Plus upgrade comes with the ability to pay, sort, and categorize your employees by department. Up to 32 different departments are supported system wide.



Manage your time clock more efficiently by setting up manager logins and permission levels and sorting employees by department.



  • Assign unlimited number of mangers to the time clock software

  • Manager logins are username and password protected

  • Assign unique access permission levels to each manager

  • Track employees by custom departments

  • Group Employees into departments by: location, task they are performing, work areas or staff positions(I.E office, warehouse)

  • Set sign IN/OUT zones (Revision Zones) by department with Rules Plus Upgrade

View of edit user permissions screen



Note: Manager logins are only available with Universal Time Clock 2.0 versions.   Please provide serial number to receive activation code.

Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.