Icon Time TotalPass P600 Proximity Time Clock

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Icon Time Proximity TotalPass® P600

This is Time Management. Redefined.The TotalPass P600 will transform the way you work. Our most powerful Proximity time clock is driven by Icon Time’s proprietary TotalPass technology. Designed for mobile and on-site time tracking, the TotalPass P600 will streamline your payroll process — capturing digitally accurate time, valuable labor data, and helping supervisors manage teams with real-time alerts.

Most Powerful Proximity Time Clock for Business up to 500 Employees

Easy. Hassle-free Setup. No Software to Install.

Designed the TotalPass P600 to work right out of the box. With no software to install, you’ll be guided through a simple setup for the clock and can start entering employees.Managing employees and creating reports is also a breeze thanks to the powerful TotalPass software built into the clock and accessible from any device via an internet browser.

Efficient. Turbo-charge your productivity with perfect accuracy.

With so many advanced features included with the TotalPass P600, you’ll realize big productivity gains — from day-to-day time and attendance management to payroll processing.Employee punch data is captured down to the minute – no more wasted hours spent tracking down timecards, missed punches, or deciphering illegible entries.You’ll also capture valuable labor data — eliminating the high cost of storing paper records and turning those employee punches into actionable insights with easy-to-generate labor reports.

Flexible. Built for Mobility.

The TotalPass P600 gives you the freedom to work where and how you want – remote workers can easily clock in using Web Punch from a Mac, PC, smart phone or tablet.For onsite teams, clocking in is seamless and secure by entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or swiping an RFID Proximity Card.Managers will appreciate seeing attendance in real-time, getting proactive email alerts for missing or late punches, and being able to approve time sheets from any device with a web browser.


Web punch allows employees to clock in from any device or location.


SSL Encryption ensures secure communication to and from the clock


Managers receive alerts and approve time from any device or location

Multiple Entry Options
Clock in and out with Web Punch, RFID Proximity Card, Custom or preset PIN. or with a third-party badges (using an external USB RFID reader).

Connects Easily To Your Network
TotalPass P600 connects seamlessly to your network via Wi-FI, Ethernet, or USB.

Export Hours Directly to Payroll:

This is where you’ll see the real power of automated time and attendance. Employee hours are seamlessly moved into your payroll system — eliminating manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and saving you time. The TotalPass P600 is compatible with most popular payroll systems, including:

Paychex Flex® & Preview

QuickBooks Online®

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro®, Premier, Enterprise)

ADP Workforce Now®





TotalPass® P600 Specifications

Accessories & Service:Web Punch Licenses5 included (additional licenses sold in sets of 5 to a maximum of 50)Proximity Badges15 Included (additional badges sold in packs of 10 and 25)P600 Care PackService Agreement covering hardware and soft-ware. Includes phone, email and remote login support.


General Information:

Employee CapacityUp to 50 (expandable to 500)

Employee Entry Methods: RFID Card/Proximity Badge, Keypad PIN (4-digit preset, up to 9-digit custom), Web Punch Licenses, 3rd-party badges (via USB external RFID reader, keyboard)ConnectivityWi-Fi®, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, High-speed USB 3.0 (PC, 3rd-party RFID reader, keyboard)

Reporting & Tracking: Reports Timecard, Attendance, Labor Distribution Reports (using Custom Fields Assigned to the Employee), Timecard by Department, Individual Employee Timecard, Create Report, Accrual Summary Report, Filter Create Report by Non-work Hours (Vacation, Sick, Personal)

Pay Item Types: Regular, Day (Overtime 1, Overtime 2), Week (Overtime 1, Overtime 2), Non-worked, Holiday, Vacation, Sick,

Personal Productivity Tracking: Employee Input Tracking (Tips, Job Numbers, Piece Counts), Track Notes by Punch up to 99 Department Codes (for Payroll exports)

Benefit Tracking: Revision Zones, Custom Overtime Multipliers (Overtime 1, Overtime 2, Consecutive Days), Benefit Accruals (Sick, Vacation, Personal), Accrual Summary Report, Filter Create Report by Non-work Hours (Vacation, Sick, Personal)

Geolocation ReportingIncluded with Web Punch Licenses (enabled through Google Maps integration)

Payroll Exports: Payroll ExportsPaychex Flex®, Paychex Preview, SurePayroll®, Paycom®, Paylocity®, ADP Workforce Now®, QuickBooks Online®, QuickBooks (Pro®, Premier, Enterprise), HTML, CSV

Payroll Export Utilities: QuickBooks Plug-in (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online), ADP desktop software

Custom Exports: API for creating personalized reports

Alerts & Security

Email Alerts: High Hours, Low Hours, Maximum Hours, Approaching Consecutive Overtime, Approaching Daily Overtime, Approaching Weekly Overtime, Check for Updates, Backup Reminder, Punch Notify


Automatic Email Backups (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), SSL Data Encryption, Customize Supervisor Login, Permissions and Employee Assignments

Warranty: One-year parts & labor warranty, 30-day free phone support. Additional service agreements available



What’s in the Box:


  • TotalPass P600 Time Clock


  • Power Supply


  • 15 ft. Ethernet Cable


  • Quick Start Guide


  • 15 ft. USB Cable


  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Locking Mounting Plate with 2 Keys


  • 30-Day Free Set Up Support


  • 15 Proximity Badges


Device Specifications


Processor / Memory / Storage: 1 GHz / 512 MB / 4 GB flash


Duty Cycle: Up to 300,000 punches


Automatic Software Updates Standard


Mounting: Wall or desktop


Color: Black


Dimensions:  (WxDxH)7.25 x 1.75 x 8 in.Weight1.2 lbs.


Operating Environment: Temperature: 32° to 113° F; Relative Humidity 5% to 95%



Warranty Information
One-year parts & labor warranty, 30-day free phone support.