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Biometric Hand Reader Time Clocks

Increase security and ease of use with one of our Biometric Hand Reader Time Clock terminals. The hand reader terminals record employee in and out transactions by reading the shape, size, and look of their hand. Employees simply enter their pin number and place their hand on the hand platen and the hand reader records the transaction. Every person's hand is unique so the HandPunch time clock terminal eliminates buddy punching and fraudulent transactions.

Use the hand reader terminal wherever you want employees to punch in, whether it at the office, manufacturing floor, or constrution site construction site. Paired with certain time and attendance software packages, the HandPunch time clock terminals can also double as access control devices allowing only authorized personnel entry into certain areas.

Choose HandPunch terminals from major brands such as Time America, Amano, Acroprint, Icon Time, and more or buy a generic handreader and we'll send you the oem code for the time and attendance software of your choice!

Benefits of a Biometric Hand Reader Time Clocks

  • Eliminates the need for employee badges

  • Eliminates buddy punching

  • Eliminates errors associated with manual data collection

  • Easy to operate and is user programmable

  • Links directly to your existing computer system

  • Provides fast and accurate employee verification