• Jantek HandPunch Time Clock

    Jantek HandPunch Time Clock

    Jantek HandPunch Time Clock: Biometric Identification for Unparalleled Accuracy   Overview The HandPunch terminal brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of most time and attendance applications. In...
  • Jantek Accrual Module

    Jantek Accrual Module   Overview Automatically calculates benefit hours such as sick and vacation time based on your company’s policies and restrictions. The system performs availability checks when entering these hours at the time card...



Time and Attendance

Allows companies total control over their employees' time and attendance data. This time and attendance system offers unparalleled performance, with the flexibility and functionality required for today's business environment.

Labor Costing/Tracking

Automatically calculates employee attendance for payroll processing and tracks all job costs to the minute. Tracks job performance, compensation planning, provides visibility to actual costs and details for lead-time improvement.

Add-on Modules

Optional features available for time management software that make the powerful software even more versatile. Features include editing timecards, adding pay data and running reports through the Web, data merge, and "virtual" punch options.

Access Control

A flexible business resource that automatically enforces company policy and facility access control. From single door to multiple door access control, Jantek can supply the correct access control solution for all your access control needs.