Time Clocks

In any workplace environment, there is a need for an efficient system for keeping track of employee attendance and clock-in times. Even with the advent of software based time clocks for employees, traditional time clocks continue to have use in the modern workplace. Also known as ‘punch clocks', traditional time clocks require employees to insert a paper card into the system, which registers their punch-in and punch-out times. Among the most popular models are those manufactured by Amano and Acroprint. Most systems are built for durability and rugged performance with the ability to perform reliably with daily use for years and years. Some modern punch time clocks for employees even feature battery-powered operation, which allows employees to use them even in the event of a power outage.

The best traditional time clocks on the market come with a host of features that streamline the punch-in and punch-out processes, while at the same time making it easier to perform tedious payroll-related tasks. Our systems are designed for simplicity and ease of use, offering a reliable and practical means of tracking time and attendance of employees.

We offer heavy-duty punch clocks that will fit right in with any type of work environment, no matter how rugged or demanding. Our electronic employee time clocks come with a host of features ideally suited to the demands of the modern workplace environment. For those looking for simpler solutions that offer unparalleled reliability and the ability to record times and dates on paper, our wide range of classic timecard-based time recorders and time stamps are the ideal options. We even carry a line of document stamps–also known as "time stamps"–which allow users to insert any type of document, form, or letter, and get a time-date imprint instantly. Regardless of the intended use, we have the perfect time clocks for employees to suit your needs.

Installing a clock in system for employees will provide many benefits for employers. It offers a way to prevent time theft and buddy punching, which is a common concern in many business environments. “Time theft” is when employees collect payment for work that has not been done or for hours that they have not actually worked. This is typically done by taking extended breaks or misrepresenting the number of hours worked. Time theft costs employers thousands of dollars every year, and hours and hours of lost productivity. When left unchecked, time theft can severely affect a company's productivity and performance, and eventually have a significant impact on the company's profitability. A time system also helps ensure employer compliance with the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA).

Time clocks provide many benefits for employees as well. With an efficient time keeping system in place, employees are able to make an accurate assessment of how many hours they have to work. This provides employees protection from working longer hours without pay, and because clock in systems provide employees with a printed record of all the hours they have actually worked, any discrepancies with regard to pay can be identified easily and rectified.