• Amano TCX22 Portable Battery Operated Time Clock/Time Stamp


    AMANO TCX-22 Portable BATTERY OPERATED Time Recorder / Time Stamp Engineered for value and MADE IN THE USA, this series offers simplicity and durability, the Amano TCX-21/22 Series electronic time clock / time and date stamp offers reliability for local...
  • Amano PR600 Watchman System

    Amano PR600 Watchman System

    Amano PR-600 Watchman’s System   Make sure your business is being patrolled by your staff in a regular and timely manner with Amano's PR-600 Watchman's system. At each checkpoing, your security guard takes the station numbered key out of the...
  • Amano PR600 Watchman Clock

    Amano PR600 Watchman Clock

    Amano PR-600 Watchman’s Clock   This lightweight, easy to operate quartz clock records time on official documents. The PR-600 restricts access to record tape and time by use of master key, allows registration of each watchman’s ID...

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