• Acroprint ProPunch Software

    Acroprint ProPunch Software

    ProPunch Software Overview: Acroprint ProPunch® is a versatile software package that installs on a PC in your network and allows punching and management of your employees’ time and attendance via the web. ProPunch is offered in two...
  • uAttend easy to view dashboard

    Web Time Clock Online Software

      Call us at 800-846-9378 to schedule a FREE demonstration today. Web Time Clock Online Software  The Web Time Clock and Attendance System is the next leap forward in employee time tracking and time clock systems.This new software updates...
  • Time America TA100 Pro Software and HP1000 Time Clock Bundle

    Time America TA100 Pro Software and HP1000 Bundle

    Discontinued, we Render Technician Service only-Time America TA100 Pro Software and HP1000 Biometric Clock Bundle   Automate your employee time tracking with one of  Time America's Time & Attendance packages.  Featuring field proven...

Time and Attendance


Time and Attendance systems are the complete package when it comes to tracking your employee hours. It enables you to track in-out times, lunch, break, and the department where work is performed. It can also track time off such as holidays, vacations, and sick time and will allow you to create schedules for your employees. Control labor costs and eliminate errors by switching to one of our time and attendance systems. We carry major brands such as Time America, Acroprint, and uAttend with backed one year warranties.

Time and Attendance packages are also available as a web hosted solution (cloud based service) or as an on-site installation. With a cloud based system, or Software as a Service (Saas), your time and attendance system is hosted by the brand from which you purchased your software. This means no dedicating resources from hosting your own in house system. From small to big businesses, many tier levels are available to suit your company size and start saving you money right away. Click on the link below to check out our cloud hosted time and attendance solutions.

Web Hosted Time and Attendance Solutions

All of our Time and Attendance packages are software based and usually come with a time clock terminal. You can choose from biometric fingerprint or handscan, ID badge, barcode, or proximity time clocks. You can also choose to have a hybrid time and attendance setup where employees can check in from a PC, cell phone, and time clock terminal. Browse our selection of terminals below to find the right one for your business. Check out our bundles to get you started.

Time and Attendance Bundles and Packages

We also offer our very own 1-800-TimeClocks Annual Service Agreement to assist you with your purchase. Our technicians are available to assist you with installation, training, troubleshooting, and repairs of your software for one flat fee.