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  • Use a wide variety of time clocks from biometric time clocks to RFID time clocks
  • No need to install, maintain, or upgrade software 
  • No expensive computers to purchase or maintain 
  • Data is secured and stored for account lifetime 
  • Manage multiple locations without networking computers or servers 
  • Manage a varied workforce with clock punches, Smartphone app punches, and web punches all through one interface 
  • Pay as you go – no expensive up-front equipment or set up fees 
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Keeping track of employee attendance is an essential part of doing business today. A number of devices and solutions have been implemented for this purpose over the years, with the best examples providing utmost accuracy and reliability. With the changing demands and growing needs of the modern-day business environment, employers are looking for even more efficient and more accurate means of tracking employee attendance. The uAttend biometric attendance systems provide an alternative to traditional clock based systems, and its broader range of capabilities and unparalleled accuracy makes it ideally suited to address the needs of the modern workplace.

Biometrics technology essentially involves the identification of the unique physiological characteristics of humans. Utilized in the uAttend employee time management system, biometrics technology provides a number of functions and benefits that are way beyond the capabilities of traditional clocking systems. With the advent of new technologies and lower cost manufacturing processes, business owners are now finding that even the most advanced biometric fingerprint attendance time clock solutions provide cost-effective alternatives to standard time keeping systems.

One of the most commonly utilized types of biometric tracking devices is the fingerprint time clock system found in many workplaces. Like all biometrics terminals, these systems read the unique fingerprint of each person, with the stored information associated with only one specific person. Because of this unique identification system, employees will not be able to clock in for one another, a practice commonly known as “buddy punching”. This greatly reduces incidences of time theft in the workplace.

Fingerprint recognition systems such as uAttend are designed for total simplicity and ease of use with the employee simply having to place his or her finger on the scanner. Upon doing so, the time clock terminal ‘reads’ the fingerprint and enables the employee to clock in or out. All data is then recorded into the system for later retrieval by the company’s human resources personnel.

The uAttend biometric time and attendance system provides a number of essential advantages in the workplace. As mentioned previously, this system eliminates all incidences of ‘buddy punching’, with employees having to actually be physically present in order to clock in. Because the system does not require the use of consumable materials such as cards or fobs, there are also no continuing costs or expenses to deal with. This could save employers a considerable amount of money over the long-term compared to traditional time-keeping systems.

In terms of accuracy, the uAttend fingerprint time clock system has a significant advantage over traditional time and attendance monitoring systems. Because our system provides near instantaneous data on personnel availability and attendance issues, it is much easier for employers and human resources personnel to generate reports automatically or issue alerts so that any issues may be addressed immediately.

Accurate payroll management is one of the most important benefits provided by the uAttend biometric attendance system. Because employee time in and time outs can be recorded with a greater degree of accuracy, more accurate payments can be made as well. Considering the thousands of dollars lost in overpayment over the course of several years, investing in a biometrics technology system is one of the most cost efficient solutions that business owners could implement.

Automating working rules is another way by which biometrics technology can be useful in the workplace. This function can be especially valuable in companies that have instituted a flexi-time policy, wherein manual tracking of hours has traditionally been the norm. With a biometric attendance system in place, there is no longer any need for personnel to track hours manually, and employees know exactly how many hours they have worked, or how many more they have to work.

Our biometric time and attendance system is ideally suited to the needs of small and medium sized businesses, with real-time access to data available via any internet-ready computer. The system is designed for use with any type of time clock, from biometric devices to RFIDs. Because there is no need for software installation, upgrades, or even maintenance, anyone can use our system quickly and easily regardless of prior experience. In addition, the uAttend system ensures total reliability and data security, with all data securely stored for the duration of the account.

Want to know more about the uAttend biometric attendance system? Check out our free demos and trials to find out just how useful biometrics technology can be to your company!