uAttend Time Clocks

uAttend Time Clocks


uAttend Time Clock terminals are a great solution for small and medium sized businesses. These time clocks connect from your office to uAttend's web hosted system ensuring reliability and ease of use. Traditional time clock systems require you to poll manually through serial or modem connections, both which can fail at a greater rate than an Internet connection. uAttend's time clocks update in real time, meaning that uAttend's time and attendance system update immediately as soon as an employee punches in.

uAttend's time clocks also use the latest technology in time keeping hardware. You can choose a clock with RFID badges or key fobs for secure access or go up and choose a biometric fingerprint reader or a facial recognition time clock terminal for your office. In addition to using the latest security, uAttend clocks have the option of using wired or wireless ethernet. That means WiFi time clocks where you don't have to worrry about making sure it's close to an network port.

On top of that, as long as you have a subscription with uAttend, the time clock terminals have a lifetime, unlimited warranty. If it breaks, it will be replaced free of charge and free of the cost of another unit. If it breaks again and again, it's still free. Unlimited truly means unlimited when you're a uAttend customer.

Once you've selected a time clock, be sure to check out one of our affordable membership plans. uAttend's terminals require an active membership in order to get you up and running. Once you're signed up, you'll enjoy the money and time saving benefits that come's with uAttend's time and attendance systems.

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