Web Time Clock

Web Time Clock

Web Time Clocks are in Real Time and works great for Small Businesses

Keeping accurate timekeeping records and monitoring employee attendance are among the most important concerns in the modern-day business environment. In a workplace with a large number of employees, it can be quite a challenge to keep track of weekly schedules, changes in shifts, vacation and sick leaves, and other personnel-related attendance concerns. Considering the myriad tasks associated with running a business, it is essential for companies to implement some type of online time management system that will enable the efficient tracking of employee activities without hindering other company functions. For these purposes, online time management software solutions have proven to be indispensable aids in the modern work environment.

Online employee time clock systems can be helpful for enabling businesses to run more smoothly. These systems can be used for purposes of creating and editing payroll reports, as well as tracking attendance and employee absences. Online time management software can also be invaluable in reducing confusion in the workplace, with the most effective solutions helping companies save time in performing typical personnel management tasks.

Online-Based Time and Attendance Systems

We offer a wide range of cloud-based time and attendance systems that enable the efficient handling of most employee time management tasks in the workplace. Our system is comprised of a web-based time clock terminal and time and attendance software provided on a monthly subscription basis. With this innovative and flexible system, we have made it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to perform time and attendance keeping tasks at a more affordable cost, without having to give up on essential features.


Our web hosted time and attendance management system provides unparalleled reliability in all applications. Our proven system protects you from common vulnerabilities and liabilities such as hard drive failure, server down time, data loss/corruption, connectivity issues, and all other security and reliability related concerns. Because the system is hosted entirely off-site, important data is fully protected against earthquakes, fires, and other unforeseen events that may potentially cause data loss and/or damage.

Ease of Use

Our systems have been designed from the ground up for unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Our long years of experience in the industry have enabled us to design a system that is remarkably easy for anyone to set up and use regardless of level of proficiency. With most components- and even hardware- coming preassembled and preconfigured, there is much less confusion involved and no need for extensive personnel training. Employees can therefore use our systems intuitively, without the need to go through a steep learning curve.


Compared to traditional time and attendance software, our web based time and attendance system is priced much more affordably. Even when compared against a regular time clock system, our online time and attendance solutions prove to be the more cost-effective options. We have also eliminated the need to install software, which means that companies no longer have to pay for dedicate personnel and computers to install and maintain system hardware and software components.


We offer a broad range of online time management solutions, with products from companies such as Acroprint, Time America, and uAttend. All our online employee time clocks provide exceptional value at competitive price points.