• Amano MTX-30 Barcode Time clock Angle

    Amano MTX-30 Barcode Time clock

    AMANO MTX-30 Barcode Time Clock NOTE: SOFTWARE COMES ON A FLASH DRIVE Amano MTX-30 Series will be available in four reader configurations: Barcode, Mag-stripe, Proximity and Fingerprint. In addition to card of fingerprint all units have the ability to...
  • Acroprint timeQplus v3 Barcode Time Clock

    Acroprint timeQplus Barcode System

    Acroprint timeQplus Barcode System-Discontinued- we render support   An Investment in Your Business - Control your labor costs while you save time and money on payroll preparation. This versatile suite of time and attendance systems offers a...

ID Badge Time Clocks

Keep track of your employee time easily and affordably with our ID badge time clocks. You can choose magnetic stripe, barcode, or proximity badges to use with your time clock terminal and automatically record employee hours.

We can also print customizable employee ID badges with name, photo, company name, graphics, and more for your business.