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JR2000 Touch Tablet Time Clock

The World's Most Beloved Time Clock
uAttend has established itself as the global industry leader in workforce management technology by bringing businesses like yours the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, cloud-based time, attendance & scheduling solutions available. All with a price point and unmatched customer service that leaves the competition in the dust. Schedule a free demo today!

• Employees can punch with finger scanner, RFID Card, or PIN
• Touch screen display makes selecting lunch, break, department, and job punches fast and easy
• Sends punches to cloud software in real time, or stores punches to send  when the Internet is available
• Plug ‘n Play - With both WiFi and LAN capability, set up takes only seconds

It's Go Time For $179
uAttend’s affordable, cloud connected time and attendance system features easy setup and free lifetime support. The future of workforce management is here!

One System to Rule Them All
The uAttend time, attendance & scheduling system raises your workforce management IQ to genius level. Our sleek, modern hardware is fueled by robust, cloud connected software that ensures your protected data is always within reach. uAttend features all the power you’d expect from an elite technology leader, yet keeps it simple with intuitive, touch controls backed by software that’s simple to navigate and easy to master. Hardware, software, and world-class customer service that’s unparalleled in the industry. All at a price point that won’t break your budget. Step up to uAttend and elevate your workforce management game today!

Versatility is the Key to Your Success

Foolproof Employee Time Management

Capture Punches Your Way
The uAttend touch tablet time clock allows employees to punch with biometric finger scanner, RFID card, or PIN.

Do it All on the Clock
Not only can employees punch in and out, they can also start and end breaks, transfer departments, and track jobs. All right from the clock.

Capture Offline
Sketchy internet connection? No problem! The JR2000 securely stores punches on the clock and automatically sends data to the cloud once connectivity is restored.

What comes in the package?

  • One JR2000 fingerprint terminal6ft Ethernet cable
  • AC power supply
  • Mounting hardware
  • Free support
  • Free lifetime warranty with uAttend subscription
  • uAttend subscription SOLD SEPARATELY


Capture All of Your Data in the Cloud

The uAttend cloud system instantly records and stores all employee punches. Track employee’s vacation and sick time accruals, view and approve time cards and time off requests, all in real time. Plus, robust reporting options enable data-driven decisions that will save you time and money.

Getting Started is Easy
Get up and running quickly and easily with an intuitive, self-guided wizard that eliminates the need for support manuals. Within minutes you can add your overtime, break, lunch rules, and so much more. Now it’s easier than ever to bring uAttend’s automated time and attendance tracking technology into your business.

Capture More Than Just Punches
With the uAttend system, you're not just capturing time & attendance. You're proactively managing your workforce by setting overtime alerts to avoid cost overruns, monitoring vacation accrual and time off requests so you're never short-staffed, and implementing geofencing so that you know field employees are punching in and out where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there.

Manage Time Cards Anywhere
Quickly review, approve, and calculate all your digital time cards in your uAttend cloud account. Check, edit, and configure employee hours in minutes. Review one at a time or in batches. No more costly paper cards, messy ink ribbons, or annoying errors.

Run Reports and Export Data to Any Payroll
Get the latest details on all your time and attendance data by running real-time reports in your uAttend cloud account. Automatically calculate, review, and approve employee hours for any pay and export to any payroll system in minutes. It’s that easy. No more pencils, calculators, calendars, or expensive human errors.

Empower Employees and Make Informed Decisions
Open the lines of communication with your workforce by enabling them with the ability to not only punch in and out, but to send notes and time off requests right from their desktop or mobile device. Email notifications eliminate guesswork by letting you know exactly how much accrued time off employees have available, or if they're coming up on overtime. uAttend puts the power of information at your disposal to helped you make the most informed decisions, every time.


Unparalleled Administrative Control

Manage Your Workforce in the Cloud

  • Handy dashboard to help you track missed punches, who’s in, and more
  • Dozens of reports and analytics to help you manage your workforce more effectively
  • Access data anywhere 24/7, from any computer
  • Speed up your day - export employee hours in seconds to any payroll system
  • Optional alerts for overtime and late punches
  • Nothing to install on your desktop

Mobile Punching for a Mobile Workforce

  • View and edit time cards right from your phone
  • Employees can punch and access employee services right from their phones
  • Optional geo-fencing features to restrict mobile punches to designated areas
  • All the same data available on your cloud account, on the go

Schedule Like a Pro
With flexible options to suit every business, our premium uAttend Scheduling feature is ready to work for you! Whether you have 3 employees or 300, we’ve got what it takes to get the job done. Ditch the spreadsheets and you’ll be able to schedule your existing uAttend
employees in a snap with our easy point and click interface and powerful templates to put time back on your side.

Plug 'n Play
The intuitive self-guided setup wizard helps get you going quickly and easily. Just connect to the internet, pair with your online account, set the time zone and go!

Job Tracking
You can keep track of exactly how much time employees worked on specific projects.

Overtime Alerts
Avoid unnecessary cost overruns by setting alerts so that you know when an employee is approaching overtime.



Together We Build A Better Workforce
We pride ourselves on the technology advancements, service and the support we offer to our customers. Our team truly cares about your needs and understanding your business. We are focused on workforce management so you can focus on the things you need for your business to succeed.

We're Here When You Need Us
When you purchase a uAttend system, you gain World-class customer support, resources, training and tutorials. Our friendly team of experts is ready to assist you five days a week.

Schedule a Live Demo That Works Best for You
Please join us for a live demonstration and follow up Q&A session conducted by one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives. The demonstration will provide you with a brief overview of the uAttend Workforce Management System, including the many features it can offer your business.

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