uAttend DR2500 Face Recognition w/Temperature Reader


uAttend DR2500 Face Recognition

Completely Hands-Free Punching

A voice is all you need to control the device—from punching in to transferring departments to job tracking, this feature reduces shared surfaces
and increases your peace of mind.

Temperature Lockouts

Decrease the exposure to illnesses in the workplace using the temperature
threshold setting. Set the temperature at which you want to restrict punch-
ing and provide custom instructions to employees with elevated temperatures.

Versatile Authentication Options

Advanced facial recognition offers quick and easy identification while
eliminating the risk of buddy punching. RFID and PIN options are also supported
for enhanced security.

Flexible connection options, including Wi-Fi and LAN, make setup a breeze. Offline
mode stores punches and syncs with the cloud to protect your data when you have
an unexpected outage or internet issues.

Powerful Cloud Support

The DR2000 and DR2500 time clocks are backed by a versatile cloud platform,
enabling automation of time and attendance processes from punch to payroll.


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