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  • uAttend BN6000 Web Time Clock with Finger Printer Reader. Plug and Play, View Last Punch, View Total Hours Worked, Leave Request, Department Transfer, Lock out restrictions, Lunch lock-out restrictions, and more.

    uAttend BN6000 Biometric Fingerprint

      The BN6000 time clock from uAttend is part of the most cost-effective time and attendance system available anywhere. FREE Shipping! Sign Up Now One System to Rule Them All uAttend’s Time Clocks take workforce management to the...
  • uAttend easy to view dashboard

    Web Time Clock Online Software

      Call us at 800-846-9378 to schedule a FREE demonstration today. Web Time Clock Online Software  The Web Time Clock and Attendance System is the next leap forward in employee time tracking and time clock systems.This new software updates...

uAttend Memberships / Subscription Plans

 The uAttend Employee Management System is perfect for employees to punch in and out from a web browser. No timeclock is needed if employees have access to a web browser! Simply pick your plan and get started today! NO CONTRACT REQUIRED, EVER.

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Certain features require a minimal additional fees.
Accounts with three or more clocks will be assessed an additional fee of $10 per clock per month. Accounts requiring more than one administrator will be assessed a $6 per administrator per month. Accounts exporting data to any export file other than .CSV will be assessed an export fee of $5 per month.
Choose your plan below to fit the number of active employees using the office time clock. Try a plan for FREE for 30 days.