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Time and Attendance Software

Installing a time keeping system is an essential part of running an efficient workplace. Without a time management system in place, employers risk incidences of time theft, which greatly reduces workplace efficiency and hinders productivity. If left unchecked, time theft can even have a significant impact on a company's bottom-line. This is why it is important to invest in employee time clock software.

Time and attendance tracking software essentially keeps track of employee attendance by way of a software interface in which employees can log in their entry and exit times. An evolution of traditional time clocks or punch clock systems, employee time clock software streamlines the log-in process, and makes it easier for employers to monitor the attendance of their employees. Although traditional time clock systems continue to have use for small businesses, fingerprint attendance system software enhances efficiency in companies with a large number of employees. Software tracking systems also reduce errors in time keeping and prevent misrepresentation of log-in and log-out times.

Benefits of Employee Time Clock Software

Employee time clock software offers a number of benefits that make it a more feasible alternative to traditional time tracking systems:


Time and attendance tracking software is generally more accurate than traditional punch clock systems. With such systems, errors and conflicting reports can be minimized, thereby preventing costly expenses.

Time Saving Capabilities

The ability to track schedules and automatically upload time records to the payroll system streamlines the process by doing away with the need to enter employee attendance data more than once. This also saves time in double checking attendance records of employees.

Software attendance tracking systems generally offer a more comprehensive range of functions, and make it possible to perform more personnel monitoring tasks without incurring additional expenses. A well-designed cloud-based solution offers a full range of time-tracking options, with employees able to utilize computers, mobile devices, telephones, and even traditional punch clock systems.

Additional capabilities may also be built into the software attendance tracking system. Many modern systems help employers manage paid time offs of employees, generate schedules, and keep track of overtime hours. Advanced systems are even able to work with standard payroll services already used in the workplace, and may even feature connectivity with a wide variety of mobile-based services.

One of the most popular attendance tracking systems in use today is uAttend. A cloud-based system, uAttend is ideally suited to the needs of small businesses because of its flexibility and ease of use. The system can be used without the need to install any special software beforehand, and allows for connectivity with a wide variety of devices. With uAttend, employees are able to clock in and clock out via any number of devices of their choice, including traditional time clocks, Web browsers, mobile devices, and cellphones. uAttend is a plug-and-play system that can be used even without prior experience, and the ability to send data to the system in real time makes it especially suitable for the time keeping needs of modern businesses.