Calculating Time Clocks

  • Amano MRX35 Time Recorder

    Amano MRX35 Time Recorder

    Amano MRX-35 Calculating Time Recorder   The MRX-35 time recorder is the next logical step in electronic time recorders. This calculating time clock totals hours up to 50 employees, accumulates totals for regular hours and two overtime levels and...
  • Amano MJR7000 Time Recorder

    Amano MJR7000 Time Recorder

    Amano MJR-7000 Calculating Time Clock   The Amano MJR7000 time clock is a powerful programmable time recorder that tracks employee time.  This popular time recorder automatically calculates hours worked, separates regular time from overtime...
  • uPunch HN4000 Time Clock

    uPunch HN4000 Time Clock

    The uPunch HN4000 electronic calculating time clock is an easy-to-use punch card recorder specially designed for small businesses with 50 or fewer employees. Not only does the HN4000 allow employees to punch in and out with the ease of a traditional...

Calculating Time Clocks

Calculating time clocks are the easiest time clocks to use. They separate the regular and overtime hours.