Acroprint Bio Touch


Acroprint Bio Touch

The BioTouch Time Clock from Acroprint provides an easy way to track employee hours. There's no software to install, no complicated network configurations, and the biometric fingerprint scanner helps eliminate costly buddy punching. Quick setup and easy employee registration. Ideal for remote offices or other locations that do not have an available network port nearby. Employees can clock in and out using an enrolled fingerprint scan, RFID badge / key fob, or PIN. This economical solution can accommodate up to 500 users. When you're ready to run payroll, simply transfer time clock data to your computer using the included USB Memory Stick and, if in a remote location, email reports to your home office for processing.

 Ideal for 1-20 employees

Three Ways to Punch

Simplicity and flexibility with no excuses. With so many punch options, your employees will always be able to clock in with ease. Dirty hands or lost/forgotten RFID cards aren't a problem with the handy personal PIN punching option.

Biometric Fingerprint

Get truly accurate attendance information, for greater security and tangible employee accountability.

RFID Card & Key Fob

Employees swipe a magnetic card in front of the clock, or you can choose the handy key fobs for fast and easy punching.

Keypad PIN

Employees can punch right from the clock using an assigned PIN, so they won’t need to carry anything with them.

No Software to Install

Simply plug the flash drive into your computer, select the user setup file and follow the
easy instructions.

No Network Settings to Configure

All you have to do is adjust the account settings on your computer using the flash drive
we provide.

No More Buddy Punching

It only takes about a minute to register an employee’s fingerprint – that way, you will be certain that all your employees are punching for themselves.


  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • Fully Self contained, No Network or PC Connection needed
  • No software to Install
  • Transfers Data via USB Memory Stick
  • Open Files Using EXcel® on your computer
  • Clock In/Out with fingerprint Scan, Proximity Badges or PIN

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