Amano PIX 200 Time Clock Bundle

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Amano PIX-200 Time Clock Bundle


The PIX-200 is an all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp designed to meet the typical needs and special requirements of contemporary business.  The PIX-200 includes a wide variety of standard features and offers a set of optional accessories with unique functions.  The clock is great for use in applications from simple time and attendance tracking to more sophisticated computer communication and time synchronization.



  • Atomic/radio controlled clock

  • Automaposition adjustment

  • Top mount button for manual printing

What's Included:

In this bundle, you will get:

Available Options

  • Full power reserve (72 hours or 400 punches)

  • External signal device, up to 20 weekly programs

  • Ethernet LAN synchronization to NTP server

  • USB communication for programming via software interface


  • Printer - Dot matrix

  • Power - 100/120/230 VAC 50/60Hz

  • Dimensions - 6.4” H x 6.3” W x 6.7” D

  • Weight - 4.85 lbs (not including optional batter, AC adapter)

  • Memory - Clock and programming data kept for 3-years without AC power


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Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.