Amano TG MTX30 Fingerprint Wi-Fi


AMANO MTX-30 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Wi-Fi

Amano MTX-30 Series are available in four reader configurations: Barcode, Magstripe, Proximity and Fingerprint. In addition to card of fingerprint all units have the ability to accept a PIN or combination of both.  All models have the ability to download employee punches to a memory stick.

Time Guardian is an employee time tracking system designed to minimized payroll management.

This economical time clock system interfaces with most common payroll applications, thereby providing a complete turn-key solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll. It enables you to automate the collection, calculation, and preparation of employee time data, while increasing your profits.

The new MTX-30® includes a relay port for connection to bell systems. Bells are sold separately.

Time Guardian is compatible with the latest QUICKBOOKS versions – up to v17 to 2017.

Below is a link to a new product video specific to the MTX-30 Wi-Fi models.



  • Capable of transferring punches via USB thumb drive
  • Plug and play installation wizard
  • Total hours for 100 employee
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods
  • Automatic data polling and time synchronization
  • Ability to round totals to meet company policy
  • Unlimited number of department, pay policies, schedules, and holidays
  • Tracks and reports wages, tips and bonuses
  • Signal relay for ringing bells


  • Eliminates manual calculation errors
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy and efficient way to manage your workforce
  • Reduces payroll management time


  • Additional Terminals
  • Multi-User upgradeable (2 Users included)
  • Expandable Modules
  • Available Web Interface Module provides web access for popular functions such as schedule and time card management


* Time Guardian provides a wide range of standard reports, consult with us for details.

Time Guardian integrates with numerous payroll systems including ADP, Quickbooks, Paychex, Peach Tree, and more.


  • Capacity: 100 employee standard capacity (upgradeable)
  • Terminals: Dimensions 5.39” x 6.49” x 1.77” (137mm x 165mm x 45 mm)
  • Power input: AC Adapter 100-240v AC, 50-60Hz
  • Software: Time Guardian Windows-based employee time tracking software
  • Reports Generated: Time card, hours worked, exceptions, and much more
  • Integration Capabilities: Payroll system integration
  • Setting: Programmable: Daylight saving time downloaded through Time Guardian software
  • Memory Backup: Up to 2 years continuous memory without power
  • Relay: 30VDC 1A

Time Guardian MTX-30 Fingerprint Reader, Ethernet/Serial Package includes 2 users, 100 employees (upgradeable) software CD, terminal, 6' network cable and operation manual, signal relay for ringing bells, capable of transferring punches via USB flash drive.

* NOTE: Flash Drive and Serial cable not included.