GT2000 Tablet Time Clock with Fingerprint Sensor

The Citadel™ GT2000Sleek Touch Tablet Time clock with Biometric Finger Scanner and RFID Reader, Backed by Powerful Cloud Software.

Portable, Reliable Hardware that's a Snap to set Up. Connected by LAN or WiFi, Citadel delivers a powerful, plug and play solution to your workforce management needs.

With offline punching capabilities, you can confidently take Citadel wherever the job demands.

Automate Time Tracking: Lowest priced most advanced tablet time clock on the market.

Customizability: Create punch, overtime, holiday and break policies to fit your needs.

Accessibility: Anywhere, anytime management using customizable cloud software.

Flexibility: Support remote & work from home employees with smartphone and web punching.

Visibility: See who's in, who's out, who's early, and who's late in real time online.

Efficiency: Automated time card calculation and easy exports to payroll.

Accuracy: Eliminate buddy punching with fingerprint scan.

Monthly Subscription Required

Citadel Time clocks require an affordable monthly subscription to use its powerful cloud software. No matter how many employees you have,

Citadel will save you time, money, and valuable resources by automatic everything.

Every subscription includes free lifetime warranty, free software upgrades, free data storage, and unlimited technical and customer support.


Step 1:                  Follow link to register Account (

Step 2:                  Enter Activation Code DAF8F


Step 3:                 Enter Company Information and follow the wizard to complete the setup


Let us know if you need any assistance for setting up your account or for technical support to 818-846-9378 option 3.