Isgus Perfect 2020

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Isgus Perfect 2020 Elegant and Flexible

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The Isgus Perfect 2020 can be adapted to any possible time card through either selecting a programmed standard card format or by programming the print position.  The actual imprint format can then be chosen as well. 


The time recorder is pre-programmable for summer/winter time change.  It has an automatic calendar and a programmable column position.  It has an attractive analog quartz clock with power reserve and automatic synchronization.


Imprint format (normal minute, decimal hours (1/100, 5/100, 1/10), date, weekday in various languages, machine number), card type (horizontal or vertical daily registration of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wage periods), signaling times for the two color-ribbon, the column shift, the day end and the machine number are very EASY TO PROGRAM through the keyboard.


The two color-ribbons allows you to highlight registrations outside normal working hours.  The ribbon cassette can be changed very easily.


Perfect 2020 can be delivered in a desktop or wall mounted version.  The adjustable machine number can identify the locality of the time registration.


Our additional service:  Your Perfect 2020 can be completely adjusted according to your need.  It is completely ready for operation after having been connected to main power.


Standard Hardware Features

  • Stand-alone time clock - No PC required!

  • Two color programmable cassette ribbon

  • Audible signal control relay, up to 16 daily rings

  • Fully automatic horizontal & vertical print positioning

  • Analog quartz clock and digital date display

  • Lithium battery data power reserve (one year)

  • Automatic time and data reset after power failure

  • Daylight Savings Time automatic adjustment

  • Automatic end-of-month calendar adjustment

  • 32 time card formats (across & down the card)

  • Custom time card format programming

  • Accepts time card widths from 2 5/8" to 4 1/8 "

  • 48 programmable print formats

  • Programmable printing in 9 different languages

  • Programmable 2 digit printed machine identifier

  • One year warranty, parts and labor

Technical Specifications

  • Printer: Dot-matrix

  • Voltage: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • Consumption: 20 VA

  • Temperature:  -10 to 45 degree C

  • Humidity:  10-90 percent, not condensing

  • Dimensions:  Width 8.7 x Height 11.0 x Depth 7.7 inches

  • Weight:  6.6 pounds


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Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.