Lathem 2100HD Thermal Print Time Clock


2100HD Heavy duty Thermal Print Time Clock

The 2100HD time clock is made of heavy-duty steel and ABS materials that allow it to withstand harsh environments and high cycle volume use.

A large high-contrast LCD displays time and date.

The automatic print activation makes for fast and simple one-hand operation.


  • Patented direct thermal WhisperPrint™ technology eliminates ribbons for maintenance-free operation
  • Tru-Align™ printing system with LED alignment indicator ensures perfect punch position on card
  • SmartClock™ technology with perpetual calendar retains time, date and settings during power outages, and auto-adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Years
  • EZSet™ technology using innovative rotary knob for simple setup in less than 5 minutes
  • Automatic print activation for simple one-hand operation
  • Prints Day of Week or Month and Date
  • Print time in 1-12 AM/PM hours or 24 Hour format
  • Print regular minutes (0-59) or hundredths of an hours (.00-.98)
  • Print day of week or month in English, Spanish or French
  • Heavy duty steel and ABS construction to withstand harsh environments and high volume use
  • Super large, high-contrast LCD display with Time and Date
  • Made in USA from Imported Parts

The 2100HD time clock includes EZSet technology. An innovative rotary knob lets you setup print formats, set time formats and select English, French or Spanish language settings all in less than 5 minutes.

  • Requires E8 Series Thermal Time Cards

Print Formats:

  1. Day, 12 HR Time in Minutes, AM/PM
  2. Day, 24 HR Time in Minutes
  3. Date, Day, 24 HR Time in Hundredths
  4. Date, Month, 12 HR Time in Minutes, AM/PM
  5. Date, Month, 24 HR Time in Minutes
  6. Date, Month, 24 HR Time in Hundredths

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