Pyramid Proximity Badges


Pyramid Proximity Badges, 15/pk

Employee Proximity Badges for Pyramid TimeTrax™ Proximity Time Clock Systems.

Pyramid employee proximity badges for Pyramid TimeTrax™ PPDLAUBKN, TTPROXEK Time Clock Systems. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) proximity badges. Simply hold badge within two inches of time clock to record employee punch time. Includes writable area for employee name and features a unique identification code for assigning to each employee. Features cut out for attaching to lanyard clip. May require Employee Upgrade Software Package.


  • Employee proximity badges
  • May require employee Upgrade Software Package
  • Uses Radio Frequency Identification to record punches
  • Contains a unique identification number for assigning to each employee
  • Instantly clocks employee In or Out
  • Writable strip for employee name

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