Synel-Time America Proximity Badges


Genuine Synel Time America  Proximity Badges. (Randomly numbered.)

Synel - Time America Proximity Badges, there is no PIN number to forget, sign IN is quick and keeps dirty fingers off of the clock!

Proximity badges are fast and easy to use, employees simply wave their badges in front of the time clock to punch IN or OUT, even while the badge is in the employee's wallet or purse. With the proximity reader, no direct contact is required and there are no moving parts making the terminal virtually maintenance free. Info key makes viewing of employee's last punch or total hours worked easy.

Why Choose a Proximity Badge System?

Proximity systems are rapidly replacing magnetic stripe or barcode badge systems. Why? Because magnetic and barcode badges wear out, are less secure (they can be duplicated), and require exposed electronics to read. Vandalism, dirt, and grime can break the slot that the badges run through. What's more, since the employee simply touches their wallet or purse to the clock to sign IN or OUT, proximity badges are lost less frequently than magnetic or barcode badges.

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