Synel-Time America Synergy 10 Face (10-inch)


SYnergy/10 (10-inch) Face-Facial recognition anywhere

SYnergy 10 (10-inch) Face brings facial recognition options to the latest generation of data capture devices from Synel and offers an enhanced experience for those applications that require employee self-service or activity/time costing alongside time and attendance. Authentication is fast and accurate thanks to dual IR and white lighting, making it suitable for use in challenging lighting conditions – even complete darkness.

Synergy 10 Face provides a highly secure and robust method of performing a wide range of Time & Attendance and employee self-service functionality from clocking in and out,
and registering breaks, to requesting holiday, and checking balances.
Synergy 10 Face is equipped with a high resolution 10” touch screen and features a lightening quick and highly reliable built-in facial recognition camera with 3,000 and 20,000
template options.

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