TA360 Pro Time Attendance Software

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TA360 Pro Time Attendance Software (Small Business Edition)



TA360 Pro provides easy solutions for collecting, editing and reporting employee time.  This solution enables managers and supervisors to automate the data collection process while minimizing time spent preparing payroll and most importantly cost.  TA360 Pro is powerful user-friendly computer application that provides accurate information for your business operations.  By eliminating paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares, TA360 Pro allows you to track employee time, break down employee time (time spent for vacation, sick days, personal time off) and export directly into most accounting programs.  TA360 Pro is an ideal solution for companies with up to 800 employees and supports a variety of time clocks or terminals making the system a flexible time and attendance solution.



Easy to Use

TA360 Pro is easy and quick to install, requiring minimal setup time.  The software installs with default settings that can be used "out of the box".  Save time by importing employee information via a CSV file using Excel.  The home screen provides you with a simple to use navigation menu.



TA360 Pro supports biometric technology such as the popular HandPunch clocks, fingerprint biometrics, as well as face recognition.  Biometrics give you added security knowing employees can't "buddy punch" by requiring the employee to be physically present when punching.  TA360 Pro also provides you with added security by supporting multiple user accounts and requiring a username and password.  User accounts can be configured to allow granular control over what users can and cannot do.  In addition, punches that are added, modified or deleted are tracked by tagging the username, date and time of when the change occurred.


Reporting and Payroll

TA360 Pro provides you with over 100 report options, providing you with valuable information to better manage your workforce.  Reports include time card, hours, attendance count, employee wage, time card by department, employee contact list and many more.  Not only does TA360 Pro provide informative reports but it can create export files to interface with over 30 third-party payroll or accounting programs; further minimizing time spent doing payroll.


Time America Payroll Export List



  • 2 Concurrent Users (Expandable to 25)

  • 50 Employees (Expandable to 800)

  • Built-In Task Scheduler

  • Built-in Messaging Service to Communicate With Other Users

  • Automates Attendance Tracking, Time Calculation, and Wages

  • Supports Unlimited Number of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, Departments and Jobs

  • Provides Extensive Payroll and Management Reports

  • Exports Hours Directly to More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers

  • Supports Unlimited Data Collection Terminals (Time Clocks)

  • Multiple User Capability

  • Available in Spanish and French

  • Now Includes Bell Control Module

  • Now Includes Export Builder Module

Add-On Modules

Bell Control

The Bell Control module allows you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device. Each bell can be defined by the day-of-week and time-of-day as well as the duration of the ring.  Please note, the Bell Control module requires the purchase of a signal relay device for the clock which is not included with the purchase of the module.


Export Builder

The Export Builder module allows you to create custom exports to import employee hours to your payroll interface or application. Specify up to 10 different export layouts and save them for later use.  Fields available for export include: employee number, employee last name, employee first name, export code, amount, department, job, step, operation, task, work time (regular, overtime, double time and triple time), wage, dollars, batch number, date, and up to 6 user defined fields


PC Clock

The PC Clock module allows employees with a virtual time clock to punch in and out and transfer departments directly from their PC.  Employee can perform all normal time clock functions at their PC and the PC Clock module can be installed on multiple PC's.


Benefit Accruals

The Benefit Accruals module allows you track and automatically calculate the balances of each employee's available benefit time.  The Benefit Accruals module allows you to track benefits such as vacation, personal and sick time.



Expand the number of employees up to 800.  Expand the number of concurrent users up to 25.



  • TA360 Pro Installation Disk

  • USB License Key

  • PDF User Manual

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista

  • Pentium 4 2.0GHz or better

  • 512 MB of RAM or better

  • 300 MB of Available Hard Disk Space or more

  • 10/100 NIC (If Network Access is Required)

  • 1024 x 768 resolution

  • 16x CD-ROM

  • Serial Port (Optional: Serial-to-USB Adapter)

  • Available USB 2.0 Port

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Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.