Time America Genesis Pro Software with HP 1000 Biometric Time Clock

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Genesis PRO Software / HP1000 Biometric Time Clock Bundle


Time America Genesis Pro provides easy solutions for collecting, editing and reporting employee time.  This solution enables managers and supervisors to automate the data collection process while minimizing time spent preparing payroll and most importantly cost.  Genesis Pro is powerful user-friendly computer application that provides accurate information for your business operations.  By eliminating paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares, Genesis Pro allows you to track employee time, break down employee time (time spent for vacation, sick days, personal time off) and export directly into most accounting programs.  An ideal solutions for companies with up to 2,500 employees.

Biometric technology is the new technology standard for employee data collection for a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, health care and many more. HandPunch units eliminate the need for badges or passwords which can be lost or forgotten by identifying an employee by the unique size and shape of his or her hand.  A key benefit to using a HandPunch unit is the elimination of buddy punching – when employees to clock in and out for one another. Optionally, select HandPunch unit also eliminates unauthorized overtime by forcing schedules that restrict when employees can use the terminal.  The design of the Hand Punch unit is made to withstand daily use of nearly any workforce. The casing is constructed of injection-molded plastic, which is strong yet lightweight and the silicon rubber keypad creates a seal against the outside elements.  Additionally the unit’s internal Lithium battery keeps the time and calendar accurate, and holds data in the event of a power loss.


Supervisors are able to better utilize labor resources with the HandPunch units ability to record employee time and attendance, monitor productivity, control building access and track inventory.  Each function key can be programmed to collect up to 4 levels of data, in addition to the employee ID and time stamp. Supervisors can correct employee time entries and recall or delete previous employee transactions by date, time and employee number. Also, Supervisors have the ability to override a lockout, approve punches and more.   Whether you are implementing data collection system for the first time or updating your existing technology, the HandPunch unit provides a safeguard against costly overpayments, security threats and a maximized return on investment.


Genesis PRO Software

  • 2 Concurrent Users (Expandable to Unlimited)

  • 250 Employee (Expandable to Unlimited)

  • Built-In Task Scheduler

  • Built-in Messaging Service to Communicate With Other Users

  • Automates Attendance Tracking, Time Calculations and Wages

  • Supports Unlimited Number of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, Departments and Jobs

  • Provides Extensive Payroll and Management Reports

  • Exports Hours Directly to More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers

  • Supports Unlimited Data Collection Terminals (Time Clocks)

  • Multiple User Capability

  • Available in Spanish and French

  • Now Includes Bell Control Module

  • Now Includes MultiPoll Module

  • Now Includes Access Control & Profile Lockout Module


  • Installation Disk

  • USB License Key

  • User Guide on Disk (PDF)

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 & Server 2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2

  • Pentium 4 or better

  • 1 GB of RAM or better

  • 2 GB of Available Hard Disk Space or more

  • 10/100 NIC (If Network Access is Required)

  • 1024 x 768 resolution

  • 16x CD-ROM

  • Serial Port (Optional: Serial-to-USB Adapter)

  • Available USB 2.0 Port

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Warranty Information
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