Time America Occurrence Rating Software Module

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Time America Occurrence Rating Software Module



Time America’s Occurrence Tracking automates the tedious process of tracking employee attendance infractions and issuing notices. Great for employee reviews and taking disciplinary action, the Occurrence Tracking Module maintains an occurrence history of all employee attendance infractions such as tardy, long lunch, early departure, etc. Occurrence Tracking rates employee’s verses company standards as well as other employees.


Time America’s Occurrence Tracking provides a single comprehensive view into the many types of employee abuse of corporate attendance policies.  This occurrence management software gives you complete visibility into habitual punctuality trends and patterns.


With Occurrence Tracking, point values can be assigned to each attendance occurrence. Warning notices with custom messages can be automatically generated when employees reach pre-defined infraction levels.

The system has user configurable tables that allow these infractions to be assigned a points value.  You can then define employee attendance rating levels such as warning, on notice, and mandatory termination.  When an employee reaches one of your predefined occurrence rating levels the system has the ability to issue a warning notice, including employee infraction history.


Time America’s Occurrence Tracking provides managers Timely, actionable intelligence with on-demand access to relevant employee attendance infraction information.  Gain deeper visibility with user configurable warning notices that are automatically generated at different levels of employee truancy.

Time America’s Occurrence Tracking provides insight which allows executives and managers to make empowered decisions aligning workforce performance with business objectives.



  • Automatically generates points for infractions

  • Automatically charges benefit time for attendance infractions

  • Automatically generates notices when certain points levels are reached

  • Easily identify employee attendance trends

  • Apply your attendance policies consistently throughout your organization

  • View, add or edit point balances and notifications


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