Time America TA100 Pro Software and TA745 Bundle

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Discontinued - Time America TA100 Pro Software and TA745 Fingerprint Clock Bundle


Automate your employee time tracking with one of  Time America's Time & Attendance packages.  Featuring field proven biometric technology, these packages are designed to work out-of-the-box and guaranteed to save you money.


How it Works

Biometric terminals serve as the time clock collecting your employees' in and out time while eliminating employee "buddy punching".  The employee simply enters a PIN (optional)  and places  their finger for verification .  The biometric clock will analyze the fingerprint based on the fingerprint database  to verify the employees identity. Once the employee has been verified the clock records the punch time.  The terminal holds the information in non-volatile memory which ensures that employees in/out times are safely stored even when the terminal is off.  The TA100 Pro software retrieves the data from the terminal and calculates the hours consistently, and impartially based on your rules.   The TA100 Pro software provides you with an online timecard that makes editing quick and easy.  The TA100 Pro software also includes a variety reports and can interface to more than thirty payroll providers such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, PayChex Preview and many more..


TA100 Pro Software

TA100 Pro provides easy solutions for collecting, editing and reporting employee time.  This solution enables managers and supervisors to automate the data collection process while minimizing time spent preparing payroll and most importantly cost.  TA100 Pro is powerful user-friendly computer application that provides accurate information for your business operations.  By eliminating paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares, TA100 Pro allows you to track employee time, break down employee time (time spent for vacation, sick days, personal time off) and export directly into most accounting/payroll programs.  TA100 Pro is an ideal solution for companies with up to 800 employees and supports fingerprint, hand geometry, face recognition, card/badge, and PC punch clocks.


TA745 Clock

The TA745 functions as a simple to use data collection point for employee information.  It can be linked to a variety of existing computer networks in your organization to complement the management information systems you already have in place.  By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time cards thereby reducing both payroll costs and errors. 


The TA745 guarantees accurate, reliable input.  Employees simply enter information through the TA745’s keypad, fingerprint reader, and additional mag-stripe, bar code, or proximity (Synel and HID formats) badge.  Employee feedback is provided through audible accept/reject tones and displayed messages.


Communication between the TA745 and your computer is accomplished by one of Time America’s polling and programming utilities or integrated time and attendance systems. The TA745 automatically transfers data to your computer. In turn, the computer is used to program the TA745.  The TA745 collects this data and transfers it to your computer via RS232 serial, RS485 LAN, internal dial-up modem or Ethernet communications.


The TA745 is constructed of injection-molded plastic that provides a tough, yet lightweight and attractive case. The TA745’s internal battery provides full operation if power is lost.



• 2 Users (Expandable)

• 50 Employee (Expandable)

• Built-In Task Scheduler (Poll clocks at scheduled times)

• Employee Messaging (Send messages to employees using the time clock)

• Automates Attendance Tracking, Time Calculation, and Wages

• Supports Unlimited Number of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, Departments and Jobs

• Provides Extensive Payroll and Management Reports

• Exports Hours Directly to More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers

• Supports Unlimited Data Collection Terminals (Time Clocks)

• Built-In Messaging to Chat With Other Users

• Now Available in Spanish and French

• One-to-One Implementation, Training and 30 Day Support



• TA100 Pro Software (2 Users, 50 Employees)

• TA745 Time Clock

• Power Cable

• Communications Cable

• User Manuals (PDF)

• Mounting Bracket & Screws


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