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Time America WebClock Software Module



Time America’s WebClock is revolutionizing the way time and attendance data is collected.  Harness the power of your local network and the entire World Wide Web to gather employee data and distribute valuable time-related information.  All this is delivered throughout your organization in a familiar Web browser environment.


WebClock can record employee time, provide for labor distribution, and give employees access to valuable information in a multitude of industries including restaurants, hospitals, health care facilities, banks, law offices, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and many others.


WebClock allows for fast deployment time and a low cost of ownership.  WebClock involves a single server installation, eliminating the need for multiple client installations.  Maintenance and upgrading WebClock is fast and easy – everything is done on the server, so upgrades are available to all employees instantly.  Plus, there’s no need for expensive training – employees clock in using a standard Internet Browser, such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.  As a result, the time it takes to get up and running is minimized, saving you money!


By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time cards -- thereby reducing both payroll costs and errors.


WebClock has all the conventional features of a regular stationary time clock plus the ability for employees to access current information including work hours, future schedule changes (i.e. vacations/business trips/early arrivals), prior period hours, benefit information, and much more.   Employees can submit timesheets in number for different formats (IN/OUT, Total Hours, etc).  The timesheet also allows these hours to be allocated by department, job, and step.  In addition, supervisors and receptionists can use the online employee status board to check who is in/out, at lunch or on break.


What kind of data would you like to collect? Accurate tracking and reporting of employee time is essential to determine productivity. WebClock provides an easy, cost-effective means of gathering this type of data. Put the power of the Web to work for your organization with WebClock!




  • Eliminates The Unavoidable Errors Associated With Manually Collected Data

  • Easy to Operate

  • Employees Can View Their Timecard, Benefits & Schedule

  • Time Sheet Submittal

  • Employee Status Board

  • Supervisor Security Access To Employee Information

  • No Additional Hardware Required

  • No Client-side Installation Required

  • Easy To Maintain And Upgrade

  • Employees Can Gain Access At Their Desk

  • Saves Money Over Conventional Time Clocks

  • User Programmable; Supports All Clock Functions

  • Real-Time Operation


User Programmable

Each function key on WebClock can be programmed to collect up to three items of data, plus the initial employee I.D. and timestamp.  For example, after entering an identification number, an employee can choose function key 2 and be prompted to input a work order number, part number, and then prompted to input a quantity.  This demonstrates just three items of data.


Time Sheet Submittal

WebClock allows for time submittals through an online timesheet.  Employees can submit times as well as exceptions, such as sick, vacation, etc.  Multiple input formats give the flexibility of entering either start/stop times of total hours. By allowing hours to be applied to a department, job and step, WebClock can also be used as a labor billing input mechanism.


Employee Reviewer

WebClock allows you to give employees access to view their payroll and HR data. Employees can be empowered to review their own hours worked, schedules and benefit information.


Status Board

With WebClock you instantly find out who's out, who's in, who’s at lunch, and who’s on break, in an easy-to-read graphical format.


User Definable Security Access

With WebClock you can define each employee’s access to key system features.


Supervisor Access

Supervisors have access to their supervisory group of employees.  Supervisors can perform all the functions of employees as anyone in their group.  In addition, supervisors can also enter transactions for their employees.


Rapid Deployment

Currently, one of the most expensive and time-consuming segments of the implementation process involves corporate-wide deployment of time collection software or hardware.  WebClock addresses this issue head-on by only requiring one server installation.  Previously, software had to be installed on several client machines to give employees access to data at their own computers.  Now the entire system can be administered from a single server.


Access From Anywhere

No longer are employees restricted to a single location to enter data.  By utilizing the power of the Internet, employees can enter data from virtually anywhere in the world.


Increased Efficiency

By giving employees access to viewing their hours, schedules and available benefits from the convenience of their home, WebClock helps increase employee moral and saves time for HR staff.


Low Cost Of Ownership

Since the entire WebClock portion of GENESIS is housed on one server, the time associated with maintenance and upgrading is significantly reduced.  No longer do you have expensive proprietary hardware in the field to support and maintain.   The same facts that permit WebClock to be deployed rapidly keep the cost of ownership down.  WebClock delivers all the benefits inherent in a 100% Web based application.


Reduce The Need For Employee Training

Webclock’s friendly Web interface can be less intimidating than traditional hardware and software used to collect time and attendance transactions.


System Recommendations

  • Server

    • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

    • TCP/IP Network Protocol

    • Pentium III Class Processor

    • 256 MB of RAM

    • 500 MB of Available Hard Disk Space

  • Client

    • Any computer (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc) running Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or another modern Web Browser

    • A connection path (LAN, WAN, Internet) to the Internet server


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