Total Pass Icon Time Web Punch Entry


Web Punch Entry allows remote employees to clock IN/OUT through a web browser on their PC, smart phone or Web-enabled device. Managers can view GPS verification of an employee punch to authenticate employee punch location.

The TotalPass Small Business Premium Biometric does not require a subscription based service and there are no recurring or monthly fee.

Product Highlights

Please Note: The new TotalPass Biometric B600 comes with 15 pre-installed Web Punch Entry Licenses. Total Pass Proximity P600 comes with 5 licenses included. Ideal for tracking employees who work off-site or at a remote location. Upgrade to a maximum of 50.

  • Sold in sets of 5 employee licenses for a one-time cost. Maximum 50 employee licenses per system
  • Licenses can be reused and reassigned to other employees, as desired. Allows designated employees from the employee list, to clock IN/OUT using a web browser
  • Requires a network, or remote connection to support Web Punch Entry optional punch method
  • IP Restriction Setup prevents time clock fraud
  • GPS verification for employees using a smart phone or tablet device makes it ideal solution to track remote and mobile employees

Enhanced Transparency for Off-site Employees:

  • Get accurate real-time employee punch data from employees working while traveling or at a remote location
  • IP restrictions prevent employees from signing in from unauthorized locations
  • Set sign IN/OUT zones (Revision Zones) by department with Rules Plus Upgrade
  • Save on unnecessary costs

Save on Unnecessary Costs

  • One time purchase, no monthly fees
  • 5 employee licenses and will allow a maximum of 50 employees to clock IN/OUT using the Web browser interface
  • IP address restrictions and GPS tracking (iPhones only) eliminate time clock fraud

System Requirements:

Your time clock must be connected using the Ethernet connection, directly to your PC, network, or remotely over the Internet.


Please provide serial number to receive activation code.