uPunch FN1000 Punch-to-Pay Time Clock & Mobile App


uPunch FN1000 Punch-to-Pay Time Clock & Mobile App

This time and attendance system includes the FN1000 Auto Align Time Clock and the free Punch-to-Pay mobile app to help you effortlessly track your employees’ time. Simply punch with authentic uPunch time cards and easily upload time card data to the free mobile app using the camera on your smartphone. Add employees, set up your pay period, create overtime rules, then sit back and relax. The Punch-to-Pay mobile app does all the calculating for you! Includes:

  • FN1000 Auto Align Time Clock
  • Free Punch-to-Pay Mobile App
  • 100 time cards
  • Two keys
  • One ink ribbon

FN1000 Auto Align Time Clock:

  • Punch using paper time cards with six punches per day for in, out, and break punches
  • Two-color ink ribbon highlights early and late punches in red
  • Auto-align feature and alarm option to signal breaks
  • Support for an unlimited number of employees
  • Two-year warranty and unlimited free support seven days/week

Punch-to-Pay free mobile application:

  • Scan time cards using your smartphone to upload punch data directly to the app
  • View and resolve punch errors right from your smartphone
  • Send pay period reports via email for easy payroll processing
  • Choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly pay period options
  • Enjoy automatic payroll calculations, including weekly and daily overtime


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