Widmer T3 Time Stamp

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Widmer T-3 Time & Date Stamp


The Widmer T-3 is a versatile time stamp featuring high quality clean crisp imprints. It is compact and offers a wide variety of desirable features. This unique, modern time stamp features a distinctive two tone, light and dark gray finish that will complement the décor of any office. The optional digital time display can be synchronized with the time print mechanism guaranteeing the time on the display is the time that prints.  The Widmer T-3 time stamp features instant trigger operation –just insert the paper and the machine prints automatically.  Maintaining the time stamp is easy and its ribbon placement allows for a quick ribbon change – no mess.


A new, open throat and finger indent case feature allows for a greater accessibility; documents of letter size or small tickets can be inserted with ease. The depth of the throat can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations. Stamping pressure can be electronically increased when needed to penetrate through multi-part carbon and non carbon forms. Inscriptions can be both above and below the time and date.


Operation of the time stamp is quick and easy.  Simply plug the time stamp into an ordinary AC lighting circuit at any point. The minutes, hours, AM and PM, and the day of the month advance automatically as well as a completely automatic ribbon.



  • Accurate timing

  • Elegant appearance

  • Lasting performance

  • Durable construction

  • Quality impressions

Die Plate Information

Approximate build time is 4 weeks.

Options: upper dye plate, lower dye plate, and 3rd option  upper and  lower dye plate

Die plates support a maximum of 4 lines per plate and 25 characters per line (includes spaces).  Please fill out the die plate form and email to websales@1800timeclocks.com.  A representative will contact you for verification and confirmation.  For more information on die plates please contact customer service.



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Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture on the first year from purchase date. Optional extended warranty may be purchased.