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Amano Time Attendance

Time Guardian® FPT-80

Time Guardian® FPT-80 is an employee time tracking system designed to eliminate “buddy punching” through fingerprint recognition. The FPT-80 sports a color display for easy navigation, advanced algorithm and a hi-tech reader. This new biometric time clock system accommodates 2 users, 100 employees (upgradeable) and department transfers. It minimizes payroll management, eliminates the cost of issuing and reissuing cards and badges and reduces manual calculation errors. The Time Guardian® FPT-80 interfaces with most common payroll applications, thereby providing a complete turn-key solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll.

Time Guardian

Time Guardian is an automated employee time management software. This easy-to-use system automates the collection, calculation and preparation of employee time for processing payroll.

Time Guardian Pro®

Time Guardian Pro® is an advanced employee time tracking software designed to efficiently manage your payroll. This software automatically calculates total hours with unlimited capacity, provides labor tracking and shift differential. This software interfaces with most payroll applications.