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Pyramid Time Clocks

Commonly referred to as a "time recorder" or "punch clock", easy to use to punch in and out, Pyramid time clocks are a practical and reliable way to track employee time and attendance.  Packed with automated features such as auto-alignment & auto-totaling, every time clock reduces the time it takes for employees to punch in and out while eliminating tedious payroll tasks.

What’s your Savings Per Employee?

Save thousands of dollars each year.

Optimize employee time, maintain accurate time records,

protect against costly time theft, promote timeliness & improve

productivity in the workplace with intuitive & reliable time

clocks, automated time clock systems & document stamps.

Process of elimination.

Depending on the time clock you choose, here’s how you can

save on payroll spending:

  • Eliminate payment for long breaks or late arrival
  • Eliminate inaccurate time card calculations due to human error
  • Eliminate time card audit time
  • Eliminate manual payroll management
  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Eliminate lost productivity