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Time Clocks

Traditional Time Clocks

Some people also call these punch clocks.  It's because the user punches in and punches out of these payroll time clock systems. They typically work by stamping a time on a paper card. Amano and Acroprint are just a couple of manufacturers of the traditional style of employee time clocks. There's even a model that is battery-powered in case of power outage. Traditional payroll time clocks offer rugged features and are built to last.

Packed with automated features, traditional time clocks reduce the time it takes for employees to punch in and out, while eliminating tedious payroll tasks. Commonly referred to as a "time recorders" or "punch clocks", our simple and easy to use time clocks are a practical and reliable way to track employee time and attendance.

From heavy-duty punch clocks at home in harsh environments to versatile electronic employee time clocks, we offer a complete line of classic timecard-based time recorders and time stamps. Ideal for organizations that prefer traditional paper time cards or that need to record time and date on paper documents. We offer a variety of models to meet virtually any business need!

Document stamps, also referred to as "time stamps" allow you to simply insert your document, form, or letter for an instantaneous time-date imprint.

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