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Web Time Clock

Online Based Time and Attendance Systems

Our web hosted time and attendance systems use a cloud based architecture to host your employee time management needs. The system is comprised of two parts: a web based time clock terminal and a monthly subscription plan for the time and attendance software. This system makes time and attendance much more affordable for small and medium sized businesses without skimping on the features that are common for an in-house system.


With a web hosted time and attendance management system, you eliminate many vulnerabilities and liabilities such as server down time, failed hard drives, lost or corrupt data, and file hosted connectivity issues. In addition, since the system is hosted off-site, your employee data is safe from disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and other unforeseen events.

Ease of Use

Since a lot of the system and hardware configuration is already taken care of in a web punch system, there is less training and confusion involved. Learning how to use the web time clocks with the web based time and attendance software is simple and quick. Your employees will be up and running the software intuitively in a short amount of time.


Monthly payments of a web based time and attendance system are extremely affordable when compared to traditional time and attendance software. When comparing direct dollar values, online time and attendance solutions cost much less on a month to month basis than a regular time clock system. In addition, since there is no software to install, there is also no need to dedicate personnel and computers to the installation and maintenance of the hardware and software.


Choose from major brands such as Acroprint, Time America, and uAttend. All offer competitive pricing and solutions for your time and attendance needs.